Start your Newsletter
on WhatsApp today!

Email newsletters are from the 90s. Sure, they are still popular but we believe the real engagement is happening in messaging apps, especially in WhatsApp, where people spend a lot of their time online.

We have built a one click feature to convert your beautiful posts to equally beautiful, WhatsApp ready PDFs that you can send to all your groups, broadcast lists, and contacts on WhatsApp.

Here is how it works:

Once you publish a new post, you will see an option to download a mobile-optimised pdf of your post.

For your existing posts, you can click on new Send button floating at the bottom of your screen to download a mobile-optimised PDF of that post.

Once the post is downloaded, share it via WhatsApp with your followers through groups, broadcast lists, or individual contacts.

We have ensured that PDF version of your post looks as beautiful as your post on, preserving the formatting and links.